• UCC FOODS offers comprehensive proposals and operations support to meet the needs of various business types and categories such as café, restaurants and hotels by using the capabilities of the UCC GROUP.

    Upon requests from restaurants and offices to serve tasty coffee, UCC COFFEE ACADEMY started as the only educational institution exclusive for coffee in Japan to learn about coffee extraction skills and know-how. In the showroom, we make recommendations on suitable coffee machines and coffees for our customers who are starting businesses as tasty coffee providers.

    At Food Fairs held at various locations, we introduce new and trendy menus and unique and interesting products. We set up booths for 80 food manufacturers to offer food and drink samples and support the success and prosperity of restaurants.

    “How can we make our customers happy?” This is our most important principle. Each and every member of our staff continues to ask themselves seriously how much more additional value can we propose to meet the diverse food needs of our customers and how to take action immediately. This intense commitment allows us to make unique suggestions that are not available anywhere else.

    As an industrial service provider, we strive to fulfill various customer requests regarding product quality, price, timely delivery dates, and stable supply. We also make diversified suggestions on developing new menus, designing a new shop, or providing management perspectives.

Strictly Selected Coffee

  • From cup to seed, we are very particular about the quality of pursuing the authentic taste of coffee.

    The quality of coffee beans used for industrial-use coffee is guaranteed with the certificate of origin that fulfills the taste standard defined by grade.

    Our coffee lineups are manufactured by using the unique manufacturing techniques of UCC. With the “Aroma Freezing” method, roasted beans are rapidly chilled with cold air below zero degrees immediately after roasting in order to seal the aromatic component of the beans. The “Super Aroma” method seals the coffee aroma by eliminating oxygen throughout the entire processes - from grinding coffee beans to packaging.

    To meet our customers’ concepts and needs, we offer <<a>> rich product lineup including top-seller called “V-est,” charcoal-grilled coffees that are slowly roasted with Kishu Bincho charcoal, safe and secured organic coffees that meet organically grown food criteria, and the Rain Forest Alliance certified coffee that clears the strict environmental preservation standards.

    Furthermore, we offer the “Fresh Order Blend” system to produce original coffee upon order and the Cafetesse and KEURIG System to support efficient operation as a part of our proposals for new coffee culture.

Wide Variety of Commercial Foods

  • UCC Foods procures a wide variety of food ingredients from within Japan and also from all over the world. The procurement process uses a transaction network of approximately 1,000 food manufacturers to obtain approximately 60,000 dry, chilled, and frozen foods.

    With growing globalization in all industries, Japanese food makers are entering the overseas markets aggressively. At the same time, because of inquisitive minds and diverse life styles, Japanese food culture is becoming more globalized. We have kept ahead of this globalization wave since the company’s beginnings/foundation and by taking proactive actions.

    We capture market needs and trends by collecting a vast amount of information from our suppliers, from approximately 100,000 customers nationwide, and from the UCC Group companies.

    At the Test Kitchen located in the Tokyo Head Office, we constantly strive to improve quality through cooking and tastings of new, renewed, or campaign products. In addition we develop and suggest seasonal menus through the year to support the prosperity of restaurants.

Nationwide Bases

  • One of the strengths of UCC FOODS is the strong follow-up structure based on the locally oriented sales activities through 90 sales networks that covers the entire country.

    For example, our unique Route Sales system earns sterling praise for fine-tuned and swift services since one sales representative is responsible for daily proposal, sales activity as well as product supply.

    In addition to the Route Sales system, we offer benefit by supplying our products safely and stably through our nationwide networking especially to those who have developed chain stores.

    In recent years, we promote IT across the company to further enhance our strengths by introducing a core system that interfaces with the UCC GROUP information network. We are able to share information across the group which increases the speed and effectiveness of our sales activities.